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April 12, 2011

Abandoned theaters…

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Abandoned Theaters


Your projects on TV!

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On Friday night, just one day after the DPAC reception on Gold Ave, KOB TV ran a news story about development downtown. The story included an interview with Christopher Goblet (our host) and several images of your ideas for the Warehouse District! You’ll find a link to the video under the Blogroll at right (thanks Hilary!).

March 28, 2011

Meeting TODAY @ 1:30p, Mon 28 March

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Today we’ll be visiting Professor Kuppu Iyengar’s studio, to gain from their continuing work on the design of a black box theater. We’ll meet in room 217 at 1:30p. See you then!  Michaele

March 19, 2011

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This guy is smart. and the little time lapse at the end is awesome.

March 11, 2011

Tips for Final Presentations

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Each team will have about 12 minutes to present tomorrow, allowing 10-12 minutes for Q&A/discussion afterwards (presentation order, below), with a wrap-up at the end. Some tips/guidelines for your presentation/performance:

  • Organize an outline for your presentations TONIGHT, and/or before you get sleepy/cranky/crazy.
  • Assign speaker(s), to 1) introduce the team members, and 2) deliver [specific parts of] the presentation. Not everyone needs to speak; delegate your most effective (concise and alert) team member(s) for this task. Others can chime in as/if needed during Q&A.
  • Arrive by 11:30a, with push pins, etc., to post your work and get organized.
  • Start your presentation with your VISION and big idea(s) in a very short, concise introduction, then move on to the strategies—identifying main components and their role in the vision.
  • DO NOT go into detail—you don’t have time; use the details to respond to questions and/or use the questions/discussion as an opportunity to describe details.
  • Remember that you have lots of illustrations…use them, point to them in your presentation (and know where they are before you start)!
  • Please participate in the discussion around the other groups’ presentations!

Presentation Order:

  1. 12n—Charles, Elham, Michael, Wensong
  2. 12:25p—Scott, Steve, Gina, Adam
  3. 12:50p—Ana Hilda, Emma, Grace
  4. 1:15p—Bailey, Jitka, Joseph
  5. 1:40p—Windy, Hilary, Scott, Bron
  6. 2:05p—closing thoughts

See you tomorrow!

March 5, 2011

(Park)ing Day

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Contra-Flow Bike Lanes…fancy!

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I wonder how the pedestrians feel while trying to cross both the bike land and car lane during busy times…

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/12472219″>Contra-flow Bike Lane – Boulder, CO</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/streetfilms”>Streetfilms</a&gt; on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



March 4, 2011

Presentation Time Changes for Both Sections

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Warehouse District Presentation Time:

NOON – 215 pm


Los Ranchos TOD Presentation Time:

230 – 5pm+/-


— per Alf.

March 3, 2011

Cell Theater AutoCAD File

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Now available on WebCT!

A Few Tips for Final Presentation

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Remember, we ALL want your presentations to LOOK GOOD and READ WELL. Here are some parameters:

  • All boards shall be 24″ x 36″ with vertical orientation. Please compose the boards as a single, whole presentation, as well as individually. It may be helpful to let an image stretch across two boards, for example.
  • Each Group Presentation shall have the still-to-be-designed titleblock on one board (probably in the lower right or upper left corner). These shall include the UNM logo, the full SA+P name, and names of your group members.
  • No type shall be smaller than 14 pt, and DO NOT create text in Photoshop—use Illustrator or InDesign to add text content and to compose your final boards.
  • I’ve posted the drawing examples I shared with you today on the blog, on the “image collection” page, as a slideshow. You can download individual images from the Media Gallery (accessed from the Dashboard).

I plan to ‘check-in’ with you on Monday during studio, probably between 3:30p and 4:30p. We can communicate via Skype; my username is mlpride1018. Please also post on the blog with images or ideas about which you’d like me to comment.

The Los Ranchos groups will present 10a-1p on Friday; Warehouse District 2-5p. Please plan to be present for ALL PRESENTATIONS, not just the Warehouse, and not just your own. I know you’re going to have great stuff to share with our friends/partners/clients from downtown!

Have a great week and weekend! Michaele

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