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February 13, 2011

Warehouse Adaptive Reuse Precedent 01 :: NDSM Shipyard (windy)

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A former shipyard on the northern banks of the IJ and larger than 10 football fields, the NDSM wharf is now a center for underground culture in Amsterdam. This huge area contains the NDSM hall, a hangar-like structure 20,000 sq. meters in area and 20 meters in height, the 6,000-sq. meter Docklandshal and two historic ship slipways(Hellingen) housing workshops and artists’ studios.

The NDSM wharf offers facilities for a number of artistic disciplines and small crafts. The wharf has also become a sanctuary for individual artists and craftspeople as well as for independent organizations, both established and less known, to cooperate, inspire and create.

The NDSM hall, 100 by 200 meters, houses Section 4, the Kunststad, the Vrije Kavelstrook, the Oostvleugel and the Noordstrook. In total there are 10,000 sq. meters of workshops, a 2,000-sq. meter skate park, 4,200 sq. meters devoted to other youth activities and 6,000 sq. meters of exhibition and theater space.

Kunststad (Art City) is a complex of artists’ studios and workshops on one or two levels, connected by a network of long broad streets and narrower side streets. Kinetisch Noord builds the main bodies of these spaces, which are then finished by the resident artists. Each block has electricity, water and sewerage connections. The work spaces vary from 50 to 150 sq. meters, with heights of 3.20 m, 6 m and even more.

Oostvleugel (East Wing) comprises 12 studios with a mezzanine completed in December 2004. It houses mainly travelling theater groups, set builders and artists who produce large pieces. The south corner is occupied by the Internationale Theaterwerkplaats, a multifunctional area of 450 sq. meters with a mezzanine, changing rooms and a bar.

The Vrije Kavelstrook (Free Lot Strip) on the south side of the hall contains llots where tenants can design and construct their own buildings.
Section 4, on the west side, is earmarked for youth-oriented projects and initiatives, such as a floating skate park that stands seven meters high. The space under the skate park is used for a variety of other activities, such as puppet shows, a hip-hop school, an internet café and chill-out areas.

Noordstrook (North Strip) is 6,000 sq. meters (with a former shipyard workshop attic space yet to be adapted) that is suitable for theater performances, exhibitions and surprise projects. Future plans include festivals and parties for the Noordstrook. 

www.ndsm.nl/  here is a link to the website.

Although the scale of this project far exceeds the scale of the cell theater, it is an interesting precedent to look at.  The NDSM Shipyard is very succesful  in ways that many  projects are not.  The project leaves the design of the space up to the users (for the most part).  It only provides a framework.  In this way the people have created a truely meaningful place.  One that is unique to the people who buy into the collaboration.  Although the result may not be “Design” (with a capital D)  the funky, ad hoc result seems appropiate for the first street area we are working in. 


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