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February 14, 2011

Antoine Hatfield Hall | Dolores Winngstad Theater

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Dolores Winngstad Theater (E. Chinana)


Client: Portland Center for Performing Arts

Architect: ELS Architects, Barton Myers and Associates and Boora Architects

Location: Portland Oregon

Seating: 292 seats in Black Box Theater

Size: 127,000 square foot in the whole complex

Cost: 28.4 million

Awards: 1994 USITT Architecture Merit Award
1984 Architectural Design Award by Progressive Architecture

The Dolores Winningstad theater was opened in 1987 and is adjoined with  a rotunda lobby and a glittering dome, one part of the lobby is a multi-storey rotunda lined with balcony fronts designed to resemble a traditional Italian opera house. Performances could be held in the rotunda space, with the audience lining the various level of the rotunda.

The theater allows flexible stage which could be lifted above or below grade level, creating an orchestra pit for 18 musicians. The seating configuration consists of three tightly stacked tiers with loose seating run around three sides of the room, containing one row of movable seats, one rows fixed seats in the back, and one row of fixed stoole height stats. The ceiling is made up of exposed lattice grid of red stained cedar that acts as an acoustical baffle and exposed light bridge. The walls behind the tiers have fixed absorption at their widest point but are otherwise an open wood grille with adjustable surfaces behind. The dressing room can house 28 people.


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