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February 14, 2011


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CLIENT: Princeton University

LOCATION: Princeton, NJ, United States, 2007

PROGRAM: Lewis Center of the Arts, performance and teaching spaces for the Program in Theater and Dance, the Department of  Music and the society of Fellows in the Creative and Performing Arts

BUILDING AREA: 130,000 sf

STATUS: Design Phase

“In architecture the relationship between plan, section, proportions, and space is a much deeper connection than emulation. The Princeton Arts Building thin in section as many of the ther buildings on campus, forms a  quadrangle of space with a gathering forum that connects the different programs bleoe a water landsape.  More transparent it its architecture than the typical stone walled quadrangles on campus, the arts quadrangle forms a catalyst with visual connections throughout.” -STEVEN HOLL

The University’s Lewis Center for the Arts will house performance arts, with a black box theater, dance studio, music studio, gallery, and outdoor reception area, that is 89′ x 89′.

Sustainability is accomplished in the courtyard with filled with recycled  and filtered storm water the shallow  water would be allowed to freeze in the winter so in all seasons the pool is translucent and a piece of art itself. The pool would have skylights that would provide natural light o the large reception space below. Covered with green roofs made of sedum. Geothermal wells beneath the site are planned to provide all of the energy necessary to heat and cool the complex, as well as the new Dinky station proposed nearby. The buildings also would house faculty and administrative offices, smaller acting and dance studios, music practice rooms, a 200-seat, arced corner lecture hall, a box office and a café.

The building foot print apart of the Arts Plaza on the Princeton University Campus. Although the geometry of  the building is different from its surrounding context, the building manages to engage with its surroundings.

In the design phase, the program of the building is relatively simple.  The black box theater is the center of the building with circulation encompassing it. The circulation carries the user to the gathering space of the outdoor courtyard connecting the building to the outside.


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